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The Lord is Content

The Lord is Content

And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. Genesis 1:31

Read Genesis 1:28-31

It feels good when, after working intensely at something, you finally achieve your goal and accomplish a difficult task, doesn’t it? Perhaps you did not achieve your whole goal or do as well as you would have liked, but no one is perfect. It’s true that no man is perfect, but the Lord is. And because He is, we should not be surprised by how the creation account in Genesis 1 concludes. When God considered all that He had made, He saw that it was very good. Everything on this earth perfectly fulfilled God’s expectations. All creatures, both great and small, met the purpose for which they were made, namely, to praise their Maker.

This is especially true of God’s image bearers who were given dominion over the whole earth. There was a time when the Lord could look upon man with great joy, declaring that he was perfectly good. Man loved God above all else and his neighbour as himself (Matt. 22:37).

After man sinned, however, the Lord could only look upon one Man in this way: His only begotten Son Jesus Christ. He is the only One in the whole human race after Genesis 3 who was truly good, yet He received the punishment due to man’s sin. Precisely in this way the corrupt, wicked children of Adam could again be received by God. Because of Christ, the Lord God looks upon His children and is able to say that all is well. Therefore the question we must ask ourselves is, Am I in Christ? Has He become mine, and am I His by a true faith?

For your consideration: Those who think too highly of themselves seldom seek God’s power to make them holy. Those who know that they are corrupt can be cured. God, in Christ, is the cure for wicked mankind.

Psalter 230:1, 2 (based on Psalm 85) Lord, Thou hast greatly blessed our land, Thou hast brought back our captive band, Thy pard’ning grace has made us free And covered our iniquity. O Thou, Who in a former day Didst turn Thy dreadful wrath away, In grace Thy people , Lord, return, And let Thy wrath no longer burn.


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