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I heard that someone can make an idol of himself, how is that possible?

Suggested Daily Reading: Genesis 3:1-8

            Anyone or anything that we put ahead of God, as number one in our heart, motives, thoughts, words or actions is an idol.  If someone, for example, puts his or her desires, plans, or reputation ahead of God’s, he is committing self-idolatry.

God created everything with Himself as sovereign God in the center, as the focal point and perfection of all.  If we, as sinful people, try to remove God from His rightful place and put ourselves on the throne, this is self-idolatry.  The thinking of self-idolatry places self first and in the center.  It asks in the first place, “How will this impact me?”  “Is this what I want?”  “Is this good for me?”  “What’s in it for me?”  The self-idolater wants what he wants, when, where and how he wants it.  And if things do not go his way, he is upset.

Self-idolatry believes and practices the lie that Satan seduced our first parents with in paradise, that we can be our own god and determine right and wrong for ourselves.  We can be our own king and sovereign.  “This is not how I see it.”  “This is not wrong to me.”  “This is what I believe.”  These are the confessions and practice of a self-idolater.  He thinks that he has the right to determine what is right and wrong for himself.  Self is the ultimate determiner.

A Christian is different.  A true believer sees that God is king and sovereign and that he is a creature under God.  What God proclaims to be right or wrong is so, regardless of what he might think about it. And God teaches what is right or wrong in His Word, the Bible,  The Christian wants to live for God, serve God and promote God’s honor and glory.  The self-idolater wants to live for self, serve selfish interests and promote his or her own honor and glory. The one worships God.  The other serves a self-idol.

Are you a self-idolater who serves self and fights against God, or are you a Christian who serves God, fighting against selfishness — your self-centered, self-serving and self-honoring nature and desires?


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