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And unto one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one; to every man according to his several ability; and straightway took his journey. Matthew 25:15

Read Matthew 25:14-17

The Lord has given each one of us some abilities with which to serve Him. One has been given five talents, another two and another one. You probably know what these talents refer to; they refer to everything we have been given in life, including our capacities. No one has been exempted.

We should not be busy, however, trying to compare how many talents God has given us relative to others; that is only known to God. The point is that the Lord has given to each of us certain gifts, the one more and the other less. We are called to serve Him by using them. In fact, throughout the Bible the message calls us to serve the Lord. This truth is emphasized in a particular way in the parable before us.

But the question remains: How do you respond to a sense of duty and your calling to service? Try to evaluate your past in this regard. The Lord has created us in His own likeness, after His own image so we would love our Creator above all else and our neighbour as ourselves. That is our responsibility. But we have chosen for ourselves; we wanted to be as God. By nature, you and I will decide for ourselves where we go and what activities we engage in. Are you still so egotistical and self centered? Are you still so concerned about the impression you make upon others with no thought of God?

Thought: Does your calling to employ your talents merely apply to the spiritual dimension of life?

Psalter 336: 1,2 (based on Psalm 119) I have followed truth and justice; Leave me not in deep distress; Be my help and my protection, Let the proud no more oppress. For Thy word and Thy salvation, Lord, my eyes with longing fail; Teach Thy statutes to Thy servants, Let Thy mercy now prevail. I am Thine, O give me wisdom, Make me know Thy truth, I pray; Sinners have despised Thy statutes; Now, O Lord, Thy pow’r display. Lord, I love Thy good commandments And esteem them more than gold; All Thy precepts are most righteous; Hating sin, to these I hold.


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