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Remaining Faithful

Remaining Faithful

Then said these men, We shall not find any occasion against this Daniel, except we find it against him concerning the law of his God. Daniel 6:5

Read Daniel 6:1-5

The world never allows the people of God a moment’s rest, especially when a Christian bears a faithful witness to his beliefs. Daniel had attained the highest position among the three presidents; these presidents oversaw the one hundred and twenty princes who ruled over the Kingdom of Babylon. This was a very desirable position. Some of the government officials became jealous of Daniel because the king preferred him above many others. In verse four, we read that Daniel was filled with an excellent spirit, so the king thought to place him over the whole realm.

As a result, some officials did everything they could to find something wrong with Daniel’s work. But no matter how hard they tried, they could not find anything. Daniel was so faithful that his adversaries could not accuse him of doing any wrong. Daniel’s life was an amazing testimony. In the New Testament, Paul compares such a life to an open book that reveals Christ. When that is really the case, your peers will notice that you serve God.

Daniel lived his life on a daily basis with the Lord. Such a life consecrated to God means that a person takes their responsibilities seriously and they are faithful in their work. Can this also be said of you? Do you work diligently at your studies, and are you faithful in everything you do? Have you also become ‘an open book’, revealing that you are a Christian? Daniel’s life was lived in accordance to the law of God, which says that we must love our neighbour as ourselves. A true Christian is a light that spreads light and is like savoury salt in this dark world.

Thought: Is it noticeable that you serve God at work or at school?

Psalter 31: 1,2 (based on Psalm 17) Lord, hear the right, regard my cry, My prayer from lips sincere; Send Thy approval from on high, My righteousness make clear. Thou in the night my heart has tried, Nor found it turned from Thee aside. With steadfast courage I design No wrong to speak or do; Thy path of life I choose for mine And walk with purpose true. For help, O God, I cry to Thee, Assured that Thou wilt answer me.


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