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Thou art my Son. —Psalm 2:7

Read Psalm 2

Were there people who longed for Christ’s coming? The Apostle John wrote the following words in John 1:10: “He was in the world… and the world knew him not.” The world was not look-ing forward to Christ’s first coming. Do you celebrate advent with great joy and look forward to Christ’s second coming?

Psalm 2 speaks of resistance against the Anointed, the Messiah of God. Herod, Pilate, the heathen nations, and the Jews all resisted Christ to the utmost. Verses 1 and 2 tell us that the heathen raged and were annoyed; they made their plans against the Lord and His Christ. They saw the service of the Lord as too restrictive for their lives. They wanted to do their own thing (v.3). In verse 4 and 5 the Lord laughs them to scorn and says He will punish them. The Lord’s plan will be brought to fruition; He has anointed Christ as King over all (v.6). This anointing was not a sudden impulse of the Father, but a fulfillment of His plan from eternity (v.7).

Kiss the Son (v.12) and receive Him; bid Him welcome. Love Him with all your heart. Do you look forward to meeting this Christ?

Why are those who put their trust in Christ blessed?


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