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You are a Millionaire!

What do you mean when you say that we all are millionaires?

Suggested Daily Reading: Psalm 139:14-24

Did you know that you are a millionaire?  Why is this true?  Because when you add up the following it totals well over a million dollars!

  1. Would you sell me both of your legs for $200,000?

  2. Both of your hands for $300,000?

  3. Both of your eyes for $500,000?

  4. Your ability to think and communicate for $750,000?

Do you see how this already totals well over $1 million?  We could add your hearing, sense of touch, general health and much more.  Yes, you are a multi-millionaire!

Who gave you these precious gifts worth millions of dollars?  God did.  Why did He do this?  He freely gave you these valuable gifts so that you would use them to love Him, and other people.  Are you doing this with your mind, body, health, eyesight, hearing, etc.?

Imagine knowing a rich person who gave an undeserving person $1 million for a particular purpose, but the person took the money and spent it selfishly on his own desires.  This is a picture of who we are, if we use our precious, God-given gifts of vision, speech and health for our own selfish purposes.  Sin is when I use my God-given gifts to honor and glorify myself and to serve my own selfish purposes, and not for loving God and others.

For whose cause and purpose are you using the millions of dollars of gifts that God has given you?


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