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The sword of the LORD and of Gideon. —Judges 7:20

Read Judges 7:15-25

Gideon’s reaction after hearing the dream and its explanation was one of worship and adoration. God’s servant was astonished. His posture of worship was at the same time an expression of his faith. His faith was also shown in what he gave to his men: a trumpet and a pitcher with a lamp in it, rather than a sword.

As a result, at his command, the whole Midianite camp was surrounded with blazing torches, the echo of trumpet blasts, and the smashing of pitchers. The drowsy enemy thought that disaster surrounded them and fled for their lives.

After the Lord gave this astounding victory, His people could reap the fruits of it. Those who had been sent home were given the command to pursue the fleeing Midianites, and they managed to catch and kill two Midianite princes.

This great victory made a deep impression on the Israelites. In fact, during dark times this episode would be recounted to bolster faith. The Psalmist of Psalm 83 prays to God for deliverance from the enemies by referring to this history before us. And why were the enemies of God destroyed? “That men may know that thou, whose name alone is JEHOVAH, art the most high over all the earth” (Ps.83:18).

What are the fruits of true faith?


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