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“Wonders still happen!”

Take away the filthy garments from him. —Zechariah 3:4

Read Zechariah 3

Zechariah’s fourth night vision was full of wonders. It began on a bad note with Satan accusing the High Priest who represented the people before God. Satan’s accusations were true, for the people had committed sin upon sin. But then a miracle took place, and the Lord acquitted Joshua and rebuked Satan. This was only due to His electing love for sinners; He saves them as a branch that is snatched out of the fire. A second miracle took place when Joshua’s filthy garments were exchanged for a royal, high priestly garment, as if he was a king. By this action, Joshua and the people were acquitted of the guilt of their sins. But then another miracle took place, the greatest miracle the Lord ever performed: He promised to send His Son to this earth. The keystone of the temple was a sign signifying this promise. The earthly temple would be completed, but that would be insufficient, for it is in Christ alone that the temple shall really be completed. He would destroy all sin by His redemptive work, and God Himself would be the Guarantor. However, to receive this promise, Joshua and the people had to guide their lives according to God’s will and His commandments. This condition is also required of you!

How is God’s grace displayed in Chapter 3?


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