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Where is God?

“Where is God?”

Behold, I will save my people. —Zechariah 8:7

Read Zechariah 8:1-13

The times were not prosperous when the rebuilding of the temple began. The harvests were poor and gangs of robbers plundered the nation; in short, it was a time of total degeneration (v.10). The reason for this was that the people were more concerned with their own homes and properties than the rebuilding of the temple, and consequently, the Lord withheld His blessing (v.11). The surrounding nations used the name of Israel and Judah as a curse, seeking to bring great misery upon them (v.13). The question arose: Where is God in this seemingly desperate situation?

But God’s anger came to an end (vv.2,3). With great energy, and in grace, the Lord showed compassion. The Lord would never forsake the works of His own hands, as He Himself had promised. The Jews, encouraged by the prophets, had begun to rebuild the temple, and because of this, the Lord sent His blessing. A time of peace and joy would also come (vv.4,5). These promises still stand today, and the ultimate fulfillment of them points us to Christ.

What does the last statement mean to you?


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