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Know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand! —Luke 21:31

Read Luke 21:25-38

We need to be watchful when danger looms. The greatest danger threatens those who will not know Christ when He returns. But those who know Him face another danger which is ever lurking to captivate them, namely, the tendency to become complacent.

Everyone is called to be watchful. The Lord Jesus says that we must let go of those things that stand in the way of being watchful. Concretely stated, they are shamelessness and drunkenness (v.34). We are far off the mark when we give in to such sins. When we, who are baptized, commit such sins, we grieve the Lord. Just think of the five foolish virgins who wanted to be regarded as a vital part of the wedding procession but whose lamps burned out. They perished forever.

But the Lord also gives a warning about being overtaken by the cares of this life, or spending so much time with the things of daily life that there is but little time left for God. To be watchful means we must be wide awake and diligent, using our time well. The Lord Jesus is coming and our lamps must be burning!

Watchfulness and prayer belong together (v.36). Let us make time to pray on a regular basis. A praying life indicates that we are looking for deliverance. We must know Who we are waiting for.

When does indolence start?


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