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But wait upon the Lord, and He will save thee. —Proverbs 20:22

Read Proverbs 20:1-22

We like to seek revenge when we have been dealt with unjustly, to make others pay for what they did to us. In verse 22, we read that instead of taking revenge, we should wait upon the Lord. When you have been dealt with unjustly, you should not focus upon your enemy, but look unto the Lord. As selfish and egocentric human beings, this is not always easy for us. Why should we wait on the Lord? We would rather take justice into our own hands.

Yet we read, “Wait upon the Lord, and He will save thee.” This waiting on the Lord and expecting His saving power can only be done when grace resides in our hearts. The Lord will not allow His children to be trampled underfoot by the enemy. Shall we therefore not wait on the Lord even when injustice is committed against us?

Do you find it difficult to wait?


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