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“It is finished!”

This is nothing else save the sword of Gideon. —Judges 7:14

Read: Judges 7:9-14

After Gideon had allowed most of the men of his army to go home, the Lord encouraged His servant. God did not leave His people frightened about their precarious position.

God commanded Gideon to go down to the Midianite camp during the night with his armour bearer. While they were scouting, they over-heard one of the Midianites telling about a dream he’d had, one that was very encouraging for Gideon. In the dream, a cake of barley bread had tumbled down the hillside into the enemy camp so that the dreamer’s tent was turned upside down. The dreamer’s friend interpreted the dream, revealing that great fear had come over the Midianites.

From the dream, Gideon knew that God had been arranging all things to ensure victory much earlier than he had realized, while Gideon himself was still contemplating whether or not he should fight. In all of life, the Lord leads the way and His children only need to follow to reap the fruits of His victory. Satan’s head has been bruised; Christ has gained the victory. The following words have resounded upon Golgotha’s height: “It is finished!” Do you believe this with your whole heart?

How did the Lord help Gideon?


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