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And all the children of Israel murmured. —Numbers 14:2

Read Numbers 13:21-33

The children of Israel stood on the borders of Canaan, ready to conquer it. Moses had sent out twelve spies to survey the country, and they discovered two significant things. First, there were giants, children of Anak, in the area around Hebron, whom the Israelites had no courage to fight. Second, the land was incredibly fertile, overflowing with milk and honey. In short, it was a beautiful land that they would be unable to conquer.

But this resignation was the language of unbelief. Caleb and Joshua pointed out that the Lord was on their side, and admonished the nation not to rebel against Him. The Israelites, however, persisted in their unbelief and began to complain that they should have stayed in Egypt. But had the Lord not led them through the wilderness? Had He not fed them and given them water to drink? Did they lack any thing?

And so the Lord was at the point of destroying them. But again, Moses, as a mediator and a type of the Lord Jesus, interceded for them. As a punishment for their unbelief, the Lord decreed that except for Joshua and Caleb, the people would not be allowed to enter Canaan.

Examine your own life. Have you ever lacked anything? Has not the Lord sustained you when difficult times came into your life? Do not despise Him, for He is willing to lead and guide you too.

What was the terrible sin Israel was guilty of?


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