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True Strength is in the Lord

True Strength is in the Lord

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Ephesians 6:10

Read Psalm 27

Strength and power are attractive. They give us self-confidence. However, not everyone has great physical strength. People often contract sicknesses or mental and physical handicaps. There is a great difference between being physically strong and being resolute. A member of my church once told me that all his life his job involved heavy lifting. He had always been a physically strong man. Yet he had to admit that he did not have the strength to give up smoking.

Are you strong? This is what Paul is speaking about in Ephesians 6. A Christian must be girded with spiritual weapons to be able to stand up to the powers of evil. What Christians in Paul’s day needed is also what we require today. Paul commends Christians to be strong in the Lord. What does he mean by this expression? First of all, he exhorts us not to look for strength in ourselves; we are not to rely on our own insights, achievements and ideals. True strength lies outside of us. The Lord alone is able and willing to give this strength, in all circumstances. He can strengthen in times of sorrow and disappointment, but He especially delights to help when we experience spiritual struggles. He is able to deliver from temptation and the power of sin itself, though the enemy is stronger than you and I are. Prayer is the only way to become engaged with the true source of strength.

Thought: What does Paul mean in 2 Corinthians 12:10, when he says, When I am weak, then am I strong?

Psalter 396:1,3,5 (based on Psalm 145) The Lord is strong to help the weak, Upholding those that fall, Restoring those bowed down with grief, And doing good to all. The Lord is right in all His ways, His works His love declare, And He is nigh to ev’ry one, That breathes the trustful prayer. All those that set their love on Him Shall full salvation know, But wicked men and wicked ways The Lord will overthrow.


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