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True Friends (7)

True Friends (7)

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. Psalm 133:1

Read Psalm 133:1-3

True friends are received and not made—that’s something we don’t often think about. You learn to know your friends at church, at school, on the sports team and in your neighbourhood. Over time, some true friendships develop. As a result, you experience a lot together over the years, receiving much support from one another and often speaking heart to heart. What a great privilege this is! It is a gift from God. He not only gives such friendships, but He also providentially preserves them.

However, when two people enjoy such a friendship, it is inevitable they will also come to know the negative side of each other’s characters. We all have deficiencies and unpleasant character traits. In spite of all this, true friendships endure. This is only due to God’s faithfulness. Be thankful for this undeserved blessing!

Perhaps there are some who read this with sadness because you actually do not have a true close friend. Oh sure, you have some acquaintances, but you do not enjoy a friendship like that of David and Jonathan. You feel as though you have no one. I would like to direct you to God’s Word. Immediately after the creation of Adam, the Lord saw that it was not good that he remain alone, so He made Eve. My purpose in indicating this is not to focus on marriage. Rather, notice that God ascertained that aloneness was not good for mankind. And therefore, on the basis of His Word, you may in a concrete way ask the Lord for a true friend. He approves of such a prayer. Would He say something and not do it?

Question: What does Genesis 2:18 mean to you?

Psalter 152:3,4,5 (based on Psalm 56) In God, the Lord, I rest, His word of grace I praise, His promise stands secure, Nor fear nor foe dismays. Upon me are Thy vows, O God, in Whom I live; The sacrifice of praise To Thee I now will give. For Thou hast saved from death, From falling kept me free, That in the light of life My walk may be with Thee.


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