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True Friends (3)

True Friends (3)

Saul hath slain his thousands, and David his ten thousands. And Saul eyed David from that day forward. 1 Samuel 18:7,9

Read 1 Samuel 18:6-16

Imagine if King Saul had been your father; he would have hated your best friend. Twice Saul tried to kill David. He forbade Jonathan from having anything to do with him. Why was thisSaul began to realize that David knew the Lord whom he himself had rejected. David loved the Lord, and Saul hated Him. This was not public knowledge as yet, but Saul’s heart burned with deep aversion to God and His service. This did not develop because everything was against Saul; on the contrary, humanly speaking everything was fortuitous; the wind was in his sails. However, Saul noticed that David served the Lord. This made his blood boil; he could not stand David! One would hope that all parents with baptized children would encourage them to befriend those who fear the Lord.

In practice, however, it is very different. How often do we not hear the comment made by parents in defense of their children: We too were young once. Or we hear, Just let it go; they’ll outgrow it. When they get a steady girl or boy friend they will settle down. It’s as if they think that serious boys or girls would be willing to live with such careless people for the rest of their lives. Moreover, how can we be sure that adolescent children will even become older?

Parents who react in this way reveal that they underestimate the seriousness of life. How great is the role that parents play in the friendships of their children! This is true both positively and negatively speaking.

Question: Do you appreciate your parents’ opinions concerning your friends?

Psalter 444:7 (based on Psalm 103) Jehovah’s mercy floweth, like a river, From everlasting, and abideth ever On those that love and worship Him with awe. His righteousness shall bless the habitations Of children’s children through the generations That keep His covenant and obey His law.


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