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Time Will Tell

“Time will tell”

I will dwell in the midst of thee. —Zechariah 2:11

Read Zechariah 2

After the riots took place at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem in October, 1990, a Jewish woman commented that, as a nation, they would become more and more isolated in the world. As a result, their Messiah would soon return. Many orthodox Jews look forward to His return when He will settle accounts with the heathen nations and ensure a glorious future for Israel. The Jews are watching the signs of the times, although they do not know Christ. But do we know Christ? Are we watching the signs of the times in light of His work?

In the third night vision, the Lord pronounces His anger upon those who touch the apple of His eye. Here we are given a glimpse into the heart of God. At first, the Lord had revealed His anger, with the result that His people ended up in captivity. But the Lord did not leave them there. Moved with compassion, the Lord again directs His attention to His people, prompting glorious promises to be spoken by the mouths of angels and prophets. Jerusalem would again be inhabited, but with so many people that there will be no walls. The Lord Himself will be a fiery wall around His own to protect them. Because of His presence, His subjects will experience His grace and blessings. What a joyful prospect, but not for those who oppose Him. Therefore, make haste!

What is meant by the signs of the times?


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