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Through Jordan

“Through the Jordan”

All the Israelites passed over on dry ground. —Joshua 3:17

Read Joshua 3:5-17

After the Lord encouraged Israel’s leader to continue, the people travelled forward to the border of Canaan. And so they stood on the shores of the Jordan River with no bridge to cross and no place where they might wade to the other side. But somehow they must get across the river. Perhaps Joshua rehearsed the Lord’s words in his mind: Be of good courage. He may also have remembered what happened at the beginning of their journey as they stood before the Red Sea. Joshua had heard the words spoken by Moses: “The Lord shall fight for you and you shall hold your peace.

” And when the Egyptians pursued them, he also gave the command: “Speak unto the children of Israel that they go for-ward.” Israel’s deliverance through the Red Sea and their journey through the wilderness was a confirmation of the Lord’s care. And had He not told Joshua to be of good courage? All Joshua had to do was to wait patiently. When they had stood before the Red Sea, Moses had to stretch his staff over the water. But at the Jordan River, the Lord entered the waters first; the Ark of the Covenant led the way. When the priests entered the water, a path opened up so that the children of Israel could cross the river on dry land. What great faithfulness and mercy were shown to an unfaithful people! The love the Lord revealed to them was great.

That which He promises, He also fulfills in spite of the sins of men. His power is great and His faithfulness will never fail.

What difference was there between the crossing of the Red Sea and the Jordan River?


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