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The Way of Wisdom (The Lies We are Told, the Truth We Must Hold 2/4)

Healthy plants have deep roots and strong pillars have solid foundations. If we are to be Christians who are deeply rooted in Christ and built on the solid Rock, then we need more than mere sound bites. One means that the Lord has used throughout church history to strengthen His people’s faith and witness is reading good books. This book review series is identifying books that can serve as shovels that help you dig deeper in your Christian life.

Book: THE LIES WE ARE TOLD, THE TRUTH WE MUST HOLD – Worldviews and Their Consequences by Sharon James.  


Having uncovered the lies that we are constantly told by our world, Sharon James titles the second half of her book, “The TRUTH We Must Hold.” She begins by quoting Proverbs 9:10: “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom” (p. 189), which lays the foundation for a biblical world and life view. Our God, the Creator and Sustainer of all things, is the supremely Intelligent God and we inhabit His world. This means “the created order not only reveals the Creator’s wisdom in the complexity in every cell, and His power in the universe, but He also reveals His beauty, so admired by the psalmist in Psalm 148. There is a God, and there is objective reality. God is there, and His creation reveals His power, glory and infinite wisdom” (p. 200). Many Puritans in the past and Christian scientists and theologians today affirm that biblical Christianity and science are compatible.

Further, being created in the image of God gives us the only solid ground for human rights. James explains some implications of the imago Dei: “We are created to relate to God, and we have been given souls that will never die” (p. 205). “God has placed awareness of His moral law in the conscience of every human being. We all know there is a difference between right and wrong” (p. 208). But due to our sin in Adam, we live in a fallen world, where “tragically, we do find sexism, racism, and other evils. Sometimes such abusers, and others, characterize whole groups or societies, even nations. But the idea of ‘collective guilt’ is a travesty of justice” (p. 210). “When a sense of individual moral responsibility is lost, civic life is undermined... Instead of teaching youngsters virtues such as character and resilience, all too often adults rush to ‘validate’ whatever they are feeling. This creates individuals who are in continual need of therapy and support” (p. 211).

These are loaded statements, but they are followed up with the call for compassion and relief of abusive situations. This is to be applied to everyone who is in need, because humanity has a common origin. This rules out racism and encourages compassion for everyone placed on our path. This duty is explained and illustrated by the supreme example of Christ’s obedient life and suffering: “His perfect obedience to the law of God is reckoned to those who look to Him for salvation. His sacrificial death paid the penalty of God’s wrath” (p. 218).

Many of us are familiar with the basic biblical framework of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation. How can you use this as a filter to understand the world and your life?


THE LIES WE ARE TOLD, THE TRUTH WE MUST HOLD by Sharon James. Published by Christian Focus Publications, Ross-shire, Scotland, 2022. Softcover, 302 pages.

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-       This is adapted from Mrs. Ricky (Frederika) Pronk’s book reviews in The Messenger. She is a member of Grace Free Reformed Church in Brantford, Ontario and, together with her husband Rev. C. Pronk, is involved in Reformed Book Services


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