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The Water of Life

“And he showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.” Revelation 22:1

Read Revelation 22:1- 5

Water is crucial to maintain life. Man can live for some time without food, but he will not last very long without water. No water means certain death. Knowing this, we will understand that water and life belong together. Water will bring life to barren areas and hot deserts. That is a fascinating characteristic of an oasis. Sometimes water bubbles up in a dry, hot area of a desert, forming an oasis, a park-like area. In the New Jerusalem, a river will flow with the purest of water, for the throne of God and the Lamb is its source (Ez. 47). The waters flow from the holy place; it is a stream of reconciliation and eternal life from Christ’s merits. How blessed are they who assuage their thirst from that pure stream. How refreshing! It gives life to a dead sinner’s heart.

All kinds of trees flourish on the shores of this river. The tree of life bears many different delicious fruits. They are not bound to specific seasons, but continue to grow month after month without interruption. Man’s fall began with the eating of forbidden fruit. As a result, the way to the Tree of Life was blocked. Would it closed forever? Thankfully not! Christ was nailed to the cross and bore the bitter fruit of sin by His substitutionary death. He opened the way to the Tree of Life. To eat of that tree is to believe in the Lord Jesus and to enjoy His merits. This is true life; it gives peace and full salvation. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst; their hunger shall be assuaged with that beautiful fruit, and the water of life shall satiate their thirst.

Thought: Is thirst a qualification to seek the water of life? See Isaiah 55:1.

Psalter 94:3,5 (based on Psalm 36) With the abundance of Thy house We shall be satisfied, From rivers of unfailing joy Our thirst shall be supplied. From those that know Thee may Thy love And mercy ne’er depart, And may Thy justice still protect And bless the upright heart.


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