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The Third Servant

The Third Servant

But he that had received one went and digged in the earth, and hid his lord’s money. Matthew 25:18

Read Proverbs 31:10-20

The last servant used the talent given him in a much different way than the first two who diligently went to work with the talents given them. This servant went to his garden and hid it in the ground. He was not a spend-thrift who wasted the money given him, but he buried it, which, according to the rabbis, was the safest and best way to prevent thievery.

However, this man did not actually put the talent given him to good use in any way. This fact was actually very reproachable in the parable before us. The image portrayed here is that people hear the voice of the Lord through His Word but do not pay attention to it. How often do we hear the message of the gospel without responding to it? In fact, we may resolve to meditate upon the message we heard at a later date, which leads to postponing and forgetting about it altogether.

Are we like the wise builder who hears the Word of the Lord and performs it, or are we like the foolish builder who hears the Word but does not do it? Later on, the third servant is called wicked and slothful by his master. Love of ease was his philosophy. His motto was: Why do it the hard way if you can get away with an easier way. Such people have their priorities too but they are egocentric in nature. We are all self-centered in our hearts, and we do not want to give this up before the Lord. This requires self-denial. Do you also recognize this in your own life?

Thought: To which category do you belong? To the doers of God’s Word or to the hearers only?

Psalter 93: 1,2,3 (based on Psalm 36) The trespass of the wicked man Most plainly testifies That fear of God’s most holy Name Is not before his eyes. He cherishes the empty hope, Although his sin be great, It never shall be brought to light And viewed with righteous hate. The words he utters with his mouth Are wickedness and lies; He keeps himself from doing good, And ceases to be wise.


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