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The Sword of the Spirit

The Sword of the Spirit

And the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:17b

Read Hebrews 4:12-16

It is remarkable that in listing the last instrument necessary for spiritual battle a device is mentioned for offensive measures. All the other articles, in one way or another, were for protection and defense from the enemy. But a sword is an instrument used to attack an enemy. How are we to understand this spiritually? Is this some kind of aggressive evangelism by which the blade is placed on one’s throat and the ultimatum is given: repent or die? Such a method is not suggested here. God’s Word itself is a sword. Anyone who handles the Word must realize that it is like a sword with a double, razor-like edge. Such a sword must have pierced your own soul if you are to use it properly. God’s Word points out our sins in a most accurate way. We need this to make us to realize our need for a Saviour. Only those who have personally been taught by the Lord are able to speak to others of their need. They should do this with the Bible as their guide, calling sin what it truly is. At the same time, in a loving way, they should point to Christ whose blood cleanses from all sin. No one is able to use this sword unless they are daily instructed from it themselves. Regular Bible study is very important.

How do you read the Bible? Have you tried to dull its point, taking off its sharp edges? Has your Bible lost its cutting edge? Have you remained intact, escaping without experiencing a broken heart and a contrite spirit? Those who have been wounded by this sword are blessed, for when we are broken by our guilt we end up at the feet of the Lord Jesus. We are given the sword of the Word to fight the good fight of faith. Therefore put on this sword of the Spirit today!

Thought: Without pain there will be no healing.

Psalter 124:1,3 (based on Psalm 45) My heart doth overflow, A goodly theme is mine; My eager tongue with joyful song Doth praise the King Divine. Now gird Thee with Thy sword, O strong and mighty One, In splendid majesty arrayed, More glorious than the sun.


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