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The Mighty God

“The mighty God”

What manner of man is this! —Luke 8:25

Read Luke 8:22-25

Maybe you have heard the proverb, “The Lord has not promised us an easy journey but a safe arrival.” We encounter many storms in our lives; when a loved one dies, a disease enters your life, or good friends forsake you. The question may arise in your heart, “Where is God?”

The Lord Jesus was with the disciples when a storm threatened them. But Jesus was sleeping! Sometimes it seems that the Lord does not see our misery and is not interested in answering our prayers. It may seem that He is sleeping.

The disciples awakened the Lord for they were in danger of perishing. In a similar way, fear can arise in your heart when you be-gin to see your sin and guilt. You cannot appear before God in this state. But suddenly the Lord Jesus rebuked the wind and the waves, and the water became calm. In a similar way the Lord can bring peace into your life. He is willing to forgive your sins and give rest to your weary soul. The Lord is the mighty God who holds all power in His hands. Nothing happens outside His control. He will bring you safely through life if you trust Him.

How do we see that the Lord is the mighty God?


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