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The Meat Offering

“The meat offering”

A sweet savour unto the LORD. —Leviticus 2:9

Read Leviticus 2:1-10

The meat, or meal, offering was a type of burnt offering by which one expressed their piety and attachment to the Lord.

The meat offering clearly pointed to the coming of Christ. In his prophecy, Daniel wrote that the meat offering would come to an end. In Ephesians 5:2, we read about Christ being offered as a sweet smell, as a meat offering with its incense wafting up to heaven: He “hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour.”

The meat offering involved the believer, for, being sanctified by God, they are made willing to present pleasant sacrifices unto the Lord (Isaiah 66:20). It is remarkable that no one was excluded from these offerings. When the poor went to the altar with a freshly baked cake, they revealed their thankfulness unto God that in their poverty He still provided them with food.

The Law of God is also precise when it comes to the offerings of the poor. Their offerings were also valuable to the Lord when they were brought with love in their hearts. You can never find an excuse for not serving the Lord.

What is the purpose of the meat offering?


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