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The Lord’s Battle

“The Lord’s battle”

The LORD shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace. —Exodus 14:14

Read Exodus 14:9-14

The children of Israel left Egypt behind them to travel to Canaan. It seemed incomprehensible to them as they rested by the Red Sea that the only way out was to go back. In front of them lay the sea and on both sides were mountains. Why had the Lord brought them there? To accomplish His plan; to glorify Himself in front of the Egyptians. God’s way can seem incredibly mysterious to us, but the Lord will always exalt Himself by it. Perhaps something happened in your life that was a riddle to you at the time. World events also often seem confusing. Sometimes Christian nations are thrown into turmoil while those who do not tolerate Christianity live in relative prosperity and peace. We are inclined to ask, “Where is God’s justice and truth? Why doesn’t God step in?” The Israelites seemed to be hedged in. Pharaoh also thought that the people were trapped, and pursued them with his army to take them back to Egypt. Panic seized the Israelites when they saw Pharaoh’s army approaching from the distance. Moses did not reprimand them because of their unbelief, but encouraged them to not be afraid. They would never see the Egyptians again, for the Lord Himself would fight for them. They needed to be still.

How would you react if the Lord spoke to you this way while you were surrounded by trouble? Could you resign everything to Him, or would you try to solve your own problems? We all are inclined to do the latter. It is difficult to believe the Lord will fight your battles, but if you trust Him to do so, it will end well.

What does the phrase “The Lord will fight for you” mean?


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