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The Lord Punishes and Shows Mercy

March 15

The Lord Punishes and Shows Mercy

“My heart shall cry out for Moab…” —Isaiah 15:5

Read Isaiah 15

Moab, which descended from Lot, was located east of the Dead Sea. Although they were related to the Israelites, they were enemies, not allies.

Two leading cities of Moab had been conquered and destroyed during the night, very unexpectedly and swiftly. And so the Moabites made their way to the temple Baith, and their holy place, Bamoth. They displayed their mourning in various ways, such as shaving their heads and their beards (v. 2). They also put on sackcloth and ashes. The population had become desperate and their fearful cry could be heard along many borders. Their soldiers too, were filled with panic and joined the general populace in pouring out their sorrow and fear. The picture given us here is one of a conquered people overcome with fear from the ravages and havoc caused by the enemy. Great compassion filled the heart of the prophet when he sees the distress of the Moabites (v. 5).

How telling it is that the people beg for help from their idols (vv. 2, 5). They received no answer from their idols, but the Lord is still willing to give help and deliverance. He is near to them that raise their sighs unto Him; He comforts those who flee to Him in their distress!

What evidence reveals that God is righteous and gracious?

This devotional was taken from “The Time of Your Life” a daily devotional published by the Youth & Educational Committee of the FRC. To order a printed copy of this book, contact:


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