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The Lord Jesus is Seen by Peter

The Lord Jesus is Seen by Peter

The Lord is risen indeed, and hath appeared to Simon. Luke 24:34

Read Luke 24:33-40

What is the best evidence that the risen Lord is the same Person Whom the disciples followed during His ministry in Israel? The disciples’ saying to the Emmaeus travelers as they entered the upper room: “The risen Lord has appeared unto Simon!” It simply could not be anyone else; it must have been the Lord Jesus.

If the Lord had appeared to Simon before Good Friday, no one would have been surprised. It would have been quite natural, for Peter was seen as the leading disciple. If the Lord appeared to any of the disciples, of course it would be Peter.

Perhaps this is how matters would have developed if Peter had not denied the Lord Jesus on Good Friday. But their relationship had changed. Simon did not dare include himself with the others. The famous painter Rembrandt painted a scene in which Peter gives the keys of the kingdom of Heaven back to Christ, for he no longer had any rights to them. In all probability, the other disciples asked themselves whether Peter even belonged to their circle any longer.

But this is not a consideration for the Lord Jesus. He included Simon among the twelve. In fact, He made special mention of him when He sent the women to tell His disciples of His resurrection: “Go tell my disciples and Peter.” (Mark 16:7) When the Lord actually appeared to His followers, He went to Peter first.

So it must be that the risen Lord is Christ Jesus. There is so much comfort in this self-revelation: Simon saw the Lord Jesus also. Is this not encouraging?

Thought: That the Lord appears to anyone at all is due to His grace.

Psalter 444:4 (based on Psalm 103) Jehovah will not chide with us forever Nor always keep His anger, but deliver His people from their sorrows and distress. He has not crushed the flock of His possession, Nor dealt with us according to transgression; He chastens, but with love and tenderness.


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