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The Letter

“The letter”

Unto the angel of the church of Ephesus write. —Revelation 2:1

Read Revelation 1:9-20

The daily mail arrives. Due to our curious nature, we are eager to see if there is any significant mail for us. When you find an envelope addressed to you, your curiosity increases. Similarly, if you return home from school or work and you are told that there is mail for you, you immediately want to see it.

In our Scripture passage we are also confronted with a letter. It is addressed to the leader of the congregation in Ephesus, but it has also been given to you in the Bible; it contains a message for you. In fact, God’s Word is one large letter that is addressed to you. Why are we so hesitant to read this letter? Does it not move us? Are we afraid it will make our life difficult? The Bible contains a personal message to you and me. Before God saves us, we often lay God’s letter aside because we would rather listen to Satan; he offers us an easier life in this world.

God’s Word addresses us as sinners, and that is precisely what we do not want to be called. The Bible also tells us the way that we may escape punishment, but we do not want to be saved. We do not want the Lord telling us what to do.

Are you afraid of the message contained in the Bible? Why?


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