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The Least

“Being the least”

The LORD hath made room. —Genesis 26:22

Read Genesis 26:12-22

Isaac was exceptionally blessed by the Lord. The seed that was sown in his life produced huge multiples of fruit. His possessions increased, along with the number of his servants, so that the Philistines began to fear him and requested him to leave. By his response, we see that Isaac was a peace-loving individual who would rather move on than fight the Philistines. He knew that God’s blessing was not bound to one particular place. But after moving to a new location, history repeated itself and once again he had to relocate until he came to a place where he was able to live and work in peace. The place was called “Rehoboth,” which means “the Lord has made room.” The life of Isaac is a model for us. So often we want to justify our own actions, especially when we think that we are in the right. But Isaac teaches us to swallow our pride and move on to another place, seeking God’s blessing.

How is Isaac’s life an example for us?


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