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The Last Word

“The last word”

Get you hence, walk to and fro through the earth. —Zechariah 6:7

Read Zechariah 6:1-8

In the distance, Zechariah saw saddled horses and chariots appearing from between two brass mountains. These mountains represent the exit area of the heavenly dwelling place of God where His counsels and decisions in providence receive their source. The prophet also saw the powerful Word of God go out to the four corners of the earth, signified by the four winds.

In the vision, God, as Ruler, gives the command to walk through-out the whole earth. He commands and it is done; nothing can withstand His almighty power. We are called to pay special attention to a chariot of people that had been directed to travel north-ward, to Babylon. There, at that very moment, the Spirit of the Lord descends and pronounces judgment upon their wicked deeds. Since they have oppressed and persecuted God’s people, they will not escape punishment.

And yet, in the midst of a depraved generation and a world where God’s name is desecrated, the Lord will still also send His Spirit to work wonders of grace. How unspeakably rich this is, that the Lord is still willing to work among sinful people as we are! Therefore we must look to Him, for He has the final word today as well.

How does the Holy Spirit work in a sinner’s life?


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