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The Golden Calf

“The golden calf”

He had made it a molten calf. —Exodus 32:4

Read Exodus 32:1-6

Much had happened since Israel had gone through the Red Sea. They murmured at Mara, they experienced an oasis at Elim. There was the battle with Amelek, the visit of Jethro, and the giving of the law at Mount Sinai. In our passage today, Moses was commanded to climb Mt. Sinai again to receive instruction. He was the mouthpiece of God to the people and vice versa. How-ever, Moses’ absence took much too long for the peoples’ liking. In their view, the Lord was personified in Moses their leader, and since their mouthpiece to God was gone so long, they commanded Aaron to make them an idol. This development shows how dangerous it is to live in worldly surroundings. How quickly the Israelites adopted the heathen habits and customs of Egypt. In Egypt, they were familiar with golden calf worship, and they were willing to part with all their golden jewellery so that Aaron could make just such an idol. How we treasure our idols! We often put ministers or other important people upon figurative pedestals in our hearts. But do not glory in man, for then they take the place of God and in this way we neglect the Lord. Give Him the honour that is His due!

How may idols deceive us today?


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