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The Evil is Done

The Evil is Done

She [Eve] took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat. Genesis 3:6

Read Genesis 3:4-6

Among other things, our passage today gives us an answer to the question of why man sins. If we know that the Lord forbids something, why do we often still do it? Because we think we will be better off.

The devil does not have this delusion. He is called the wicked one and his only motive is to cause havoc and promote evil. His demonic purposes are evil for their own sake. Sinners can also fall into this pattern of behaviour if they continue to silence their consciences. Yet most often we fall into the trap of thinking that our lives will be enriched by sin, just as Eve did. She thought she would be equal to God. By giving an ear to the devil, she became a sinner. Adam too became a sinner.

Particularly through Adam, the whole human race was cast into the abyss of sin. Immediately man was inclined to all evil and could no longer do any good. We cannot do anything but sin; it is our natural inclination. Perhaps you have come to this conclusion yourself when you try to improve yourself or give up a bad habit. It’s futile! Does that mean it’s a hopeless case? Thankfully the Bible does not direct our attention only to the first Adam and his wife, but also to the last Adam, Christ Jesus. He remained standing though everyone else failed. Forgiveness and renewal may be received through His substitutionary work. By birth, you belong to the first Adam. Would you be joined to the second Adam? This is only possible through the miraculous rebirth!

Question: To which Adam do you belong?

Psalter 23:2, 3 (based on Psalm 14) From heav’n the Lord with searching eye Looked down the sons of men to try, To see if any understood And sought for God, the only good. From righteousness they all depart, Corrupt are all, and vile in heart; Yea, ev’ry man has evil done; Not one does good, not even one.


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