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The Conclusion

The Conclusion

And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt. Daniel 12:2

Read Daniel 12

This is again a very difficult chapter in Daniel’s prophecy. Nevertheless, it reveals to us that the end of time is coming. The people of God shall be delivered and the dead shall be raised from their graves. This is true for believers as well as unbelievers. Death is not the end of man. When death calls, the eternal destiny of everyone is established. Everyone will experience an after-life which will be completely different from what we experience now. Many people today think that death brings about the end of our existence, but that is a mistaken notion. The earthly end of those whose life has not been hid in Christ will nevertheless usher in a new beginning. In our Scripture passage, we read that unbelievers will be raised to everlasting shame and contempt. You will experience a most terrible future if you have not come to know the Lord Jesus before you die. Do you ever think about this?

Flee to the Lord Jesus, who is able and willing to grant you eternal life, before it is too late! Lovingly, He warns you today and invites you to seek Him. But for those who belong to Christ, their physical death initiates the beginning of eternal life. This means that they will forever be in the presence of God, praising Him as their Lord and King. Then they will be freed from all the consequences of sin. All tears shall be wiped away from their eyes. They shall experience eternal peace and happiness in God’s presence. How terrible it would be to be eternally lost! But, how blessed to experience eternal glory! For all of us eternity will mean the one or the other. Which will it be for you?

Thought: Is the end of time a comfort to you or a terrible thought?

Psalter 260: 1,2,5 (based on Psalm 260) Jehovah reigns; let earth be glad And all the isles their joy make known; With clouds and darkness He is clad, On truth and justice rests His throne. Consuming fire destroys His foes, Around the world His lightnings blaze; The trembling earth His presence knows, The mountains melt before His gaze. All ye that truly love the Lord, Hate sin, for He is just and pure; To saints His help He will accord And keep them in His love secure.


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