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The Breastplate

The Breastplate

Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness. Ephesians 6:14

Read Isaiah 59:16-20

The second weapon listed is the breastplate. It serves as protection for the chest and stomach areas, where the major vital organs such as the heart, lungs and kidneys are located. If an enemy arrow or sword pierced any of these organs, it could have deadly consequences. But when we speak of the Christian’s breastplate, we must think about something greater than our bodily organs. The Bible refers to the heart, lungs and kidneys as symbols of spiritual realities. For example, the most important decisions are said to be made in the heart of man; it is with the heart that we believe and love. What is your position when it comes to the Lord and His service? Are you able to sing: My heart doth overflow; a goodly theme is mine?

Not only do our hearts need protection, but so do our lungs. The Christian’s vital breath is prayer. When this stops, we lose ‘contact’ with the Lord. And, according to the Bible, the kidneys are the seat of our emotions. These too need protection, which the breastplate is designed to provide.

A Christian’s breastplate is the righteousness of Christ. Whoever wears this breastplate is protected from the fiery arrows of the enemy. But whoever does not have this armour of security is in the greatest danger. Those who find refuge in the righteousness of Christ can breathe freely in jubilating song, yet in the same breath they experience how exceedingly sinful they are. How blessed are they who may experience the love of God revealed in Christ Jesus by faith! Are you wearing the breastplate of Christ’s righteousness?

Thought: Seek to engage yourself today in spiritual exercises.

Psalter 134:1,2 (based on Psalm 48) Within Thy temple Lord, In that most holy place, We on Thy loving-kindness dwell, The wonders of Thy grace. Men sing Thy praise, O God, Wherever Thy Name is known; By every deed Thy hand hath wrought Thy righteousness is shown. Let Zion now rejoice, And all her children sing; Let them with thankfulness proclaim The judgments of their king. Mount Zion’s walls behold, About her ramparts go, And number ye the lofty tow’rs, That guard her from the foe.


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