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The Biblical Way

The Biblical Way

Was minded to put her away privily. Matthew 1:19

Read Luke 1:46-56

Joseph did not want to marry a woman that did not live according to God’s law. He was convinced that Mary had been unfaithful. His trust in her was broken. This was not a proper basis on which to enter the married state with her. If she lived so imprudently before marriage, what hope was there that it would get better after marriage? It would be better to break off their engagement. Married life with Mary had lost its charm. If she had had sexual intercourse with someone else, then she no longer belonged to him. That’s how things really are. Whenever an individual has engaged in sexual intercourse with another person, they are considered married in God’s sight. Those who are in sexual relations with various partners are abominable in the sight of the Lord. Sexual intercourse must be restricted to marriage. If you have crossed the boundaries with another person, then, according to God’s Word, you are united to each other. If we take God’s Word seriously, we will think twice before giving our bodies away to another.

Joseph was determined to leave Mary. However, before he could take the necessary steps, an angel of God appeared and enlightened him concerning the situation. Mary had not been unfaithful. Joseph could continue his relationship with her, for that which was conceived in her was of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 1:20).

Thought: If you have sexual intercourse during your engagement, you are obligated to marry one another.

Song of Mary Verses 3, 4 Let every nation call her blessed. And endless years prolong her fame: But God alone must be adored; Holy and reverend is his name. To those that fear and trust the Lord, His mercy stands forever sure; From age to age his promise lives, And the performance is secure.


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