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The Bible (part 2 of 2)

How can I know that the Bible is really God’s word (continued)?

Suggested Daily Reading: II Peter 1:19-21 and II Timothy 3:14-17

This meditation presents 6 more evidences that testify that the Bible is really the word of God.

Think of the Bible’s unique:

  1. Teachings about God and manOnly the Bible praises God to the highest and honestly teaches man’s total depravity.  The Bible presents God as perfect and infinite in all aspects of his being and man as spiritually dead (toward God) with a totally sinful heart.

  2. Historical accuracy Books of ancient origin contain mistakes and exaggerations, but none have been found in the Bible.  In fact new archaeological discoveries more and more confirm the Bible’s accuracy even in historical details.

  3. Scientific accuracy Books written in the past include scientific mistakes, but the Bible does not include any errors.  In fact, the Bible speaks of scientific truths that were not confirmed by science until thousands of years later.  For example, the Bible spoke of the earth being a sphere (Isa. 40:22) and that it hangs in space, on nothing (Job 26:7).

  4. Fulfillment of prophecy Prophecies in the Bible are often very specific regarding events, places and people.  All, except those regarding the end of time, have been fulfilled in every detail.  Think, for example, of the hundreds of prophecies regarding the Lord Jesus.

  5. Plan of salvation All other religions and religious books speak of man needing to do or not do certain things to win the favour of the gods or to appease evil spirits.  Only the Bible speaks of God freely giving His Son, and of Jesus willingly giving up His life to die to pay the full price of sin for sinners.  Only the Bible teaches of a full salvation for sinners that is graciously given by God and received by faith.  God receives all the honor and glory, not man.

  6. Personal application The application of the Bible by the Holy Spirit changes people’s hearts and turns them from loving and living for self and sin to loving and living for God and others.  This application produces the deepest level of change possible in a person, and this change is eternal.

Have you been amazed at the gracious and wonderful way of salvation taught in the Bible’s gospel?  Have the truths of the Bible produced a foundational change in your life?  Are you fighting against selfishness and sin in your life and striving to live out of love to God and others?


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