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The Bible ( part 1 of 2)

How can I know that the Bible is really God’s word?

Suggested Daily Reading: II Peter 1:19-21 and II Timothy 3:14-17

This meditation includes the first 6 of 12 evidences that testify that the Bible is not just a book written by man or just a religious book that some people think is special, but that the Bible is really the word of God.

Think of the Bible’s unique:

  1. Order and completeness – The Bible was written by more than 40 very different human writers living over a 2,000 year span, yet their writings form one unified message regarding the core issues of life.

  2. Indestructibility – Despite countless attempts to outlaw and destroy the Bible over the ages, it still continues today as the most widely read book around the world.

  3. Universality – The Bible speaks to the hearts all types of people regardless of era, culture or age for thousands of years.

  4. Power – Nations that have followed the teachings of the Bible have been changed and have prospered throughout history, and the reverse is also true.

  5. Cannot be exhausted– No matter how many sermons have been preached or books written based on the Bible, there is no end; there is always more.

  6. Honesty – Other books enhance the good traits and actions of their heroes and minimize their faults, but not the Bible.  It speaks just as honestly of the sins and failures of the saints as of their faith and good works.

Do you value your Bible as God’s words written to you?  Do pray and strive to set your life’s thoughts, words and actions by its teachings?


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