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“Sunday as a feast day”

The Sabbath was made for man. —Mark 2:27

Read Mark 2:23-28

The Pharisees were annoyed when Jesus’ disciples picked corn on the Sabbath Day. Their legalistic outlook on life rebelled against what they thought was an obvious transgression of the commandments. Now they could finally trap the Lord Jesus, for this sin was clearly against the fourth commandment. Sadly, many teenagers do not usually have favourable thoughts about Sunday. This day is often regarded as boring because it is considered a day in which nothing is allowed. But those who hold such sentiments have little understanding of this day!

Sunday is not a day in which we are to do nothing; in reality, it is a very busy day. The distinguishing feature of this day is that the Lord wishes to be at the center of your existence. We lead increasingly busy lives, with countless demands on our attention. Without the Lord’s Day we would become slaves of our work or our hobbies. Let’s be clear: we should work diligently during the week, and we may also take time to relax. But in all these activities, the Lord should have the primary place in your life. By set-ting aside one day in the week, the Lord seeks to help you so that you may especially concentrate on Him. Therefore, regard Sunday as a feast day on which the victory over sin and death is celebrated, as a day in which the glories of heaven may be experienced.

Why is Sunday a “feast day”?


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