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Stronger than He

“But when a stronger than he shall come”

He that is not with me is against me. —Luke 11:23

Read Luke 11:14-23

Yesterday we read that the Lord Himself put on His armour, bringing deliverance to those who did not ask for Him. Verses 21 through 23 of today’s Scripture portion are connected to yesterday’s message. Here, the image is used of a strong, armed man who protects his garden, castle or palace. He keeps his wife, children, servants, and all his possessions safe. But when a stronger man comes and overpowers him, that man will take away all his possessions, including his armour, and divide it among his followers.

This is also true of man’s soul. By nature, the soul is possessed by the devil, who rules like that strong, armed man. By nature, the soul is at peace in this state until the Stronger One appears.

In this example, by casting out demons (vv.14-20), the Lord reveals that He has overcome the powers of darkness and is able to save those under the devil’s power. He gladdens them with gifts of grace, by healing and delivering them. When He had not as yet come as the “Strong One,” the devil had, so to speak, free rein. But when the battle was fought, the Lord gained the victory.

However, the devil will do everything he can to mar this victory. One way he does this is by slandering God’s work (v.15). On whose side are you? We are asked to make a choice: “He that is not with me is against me.” Choose you this day who you will serve.

In what way does the devil try to influence us?


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