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But I have a few things against thee. —Revelation 2:14

Read Revelation 2:12-17

Someone once said to me: “Don’t think I’m an unbeliever. I attend church quite regularly. True, I also go to a night club sometimes, but I don’t see anything wrong with that.”

Such people try to quiet their conscience by going to church while they do whatever they want the rest of the week. But God has a right to your entire life. That does not mean that you must live your life like a hermit, but it does require you to be selective in pursuing your desires.

The leader of the church of Pergamos was admonished after the Lord had praised the congregation for their patience in suffering. This congregation stood in the midst of the fire. They lived in the place where Satan had placed his throne. Godlessness was the order of the day, and the Christians lived right in the middle of it. It was a great temptation to reason, “This sin is not as bad as that sin. At least I’m not doing that.” But that is not according to the will of God; we must strive against all sin. In our Scripture passage we are confronted with Balaam who encouraged Balak to provide a meal to which the Israelites were also invited. In this way they would be tempted to eat meat offered to idols and associate with the Moabites, a nation with whom they were not to have any dealings.

Satan also tries to tempt us to commit sins that are “not so bad.” Watch out for those seemingly small sins, for they are the first steps that lead to greater transgressions.

Why is sin a slippery slope?


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