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“God gives strength”

I will lay my hand upon mine mouth. —Job 40:4

Read Job 38:1-18 & Job 40:1-4

What Job had so fervently desired took place in our Scripture reading: God appeared to him and addressed him. The Lord did not justify him before his three friends, but He placed puny man-kind into its proper, insignificant place before the power of almighty God.

The Lord contrasts man’s foolish and self-willed nature with the wisdom of God. Dying, earthy men are placed beside God’s awe-inspiring creation. Again and again, the Lord described His great work of creation to Job so that he would be impressed with His glory, subduing Job’s pride and humbling him before the Almighty. Man was not present at creation. When that miracle was fulfilled, the angels were the first to shout for joy (v.7). When the Lord asked questions about the birth of the world, Job, and all of man-kind with him, had to remain silent. When you look at God’s creation and take note of God’s handiwork in it, would you still dare to say, “My way is hidden from the Lord and my integrity is not known by God?” Surely not! The Lord knows us far better than we know ourselves, and He does not grow weary or languid. He is the One who gives weak ones strength.

How is God’s greatness revealed?


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