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Spiritually Abandoned

Spiritually Abandoned

And she made him sleep upon her knees; and she called for a man, and she caused him to shave off the seven locks of his head; and she began to afflict him, and his strength went from him. Judges 16:19

Read Judges 16:15-20

When Delilah informed the Philistines of Samson’s secret, they were able to strip him of his strength. This development was not just an isolated incident affecting a couple people or nations. The devil himself was behind the Philistine’s actions. Consider how Delilah hounded Samson with her constant nagging. When Samson gave in to her sulking, not only did his extraordinary strength depart from him, but the Lord Himself had left Samson. How terrible! Only those who have experienced the power of God’s grace in their lives know what it is to feel abandoned by God when they also fall into sin. Think of Peter, who denied his Saviour three times. Had the Lord not warned him that Satan desired to sift him as wheat? Did the Lord not admonish Peter that if he was not careful he would be cast to and fro in Satan’s sieve? The devil is continually on the lookout not only to cause us to sin, but ultimately to separate us from God and bring spiritual darkness into our lives.

Question: Do you know what it is to feel abandoned by God? What caused you to feel abandoned?

Psalter 13:1, 3, 5 (based on Psalm 7) Jehovah, my God, on Thy help I depend; From all that pursue me O save and defend; Lest they like a lion should rend me at will, While no one is near me their raging to still. O Lord, in Thy wrath stay the rage of my foes; Awake, and Thy judgment ordained interpose. Let peoples surround Thee and wait at Thy feet, While o’er them for judgment Thou takest Thy seat. Establish the righteous, let evil depart, For God Who is just tries the thoughts of the heart. In God for defense I have placed all my trust; The upright He saves and He judges the just.


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