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Spiritual Unity

Spiritual Unity

But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn. 1 Corinthians 7:9

Read Genesis 39:1-11

On a physical level a couple may hardly have any boundaries at all, while spiritually they may be miles apart. Joseph, the son of Jacob sought to stay as far away as possible from such sins. If any one wishes to live close to the Lord, they will seek to avoid everything that causes separation from Him. An attempt will also be made to live purely before marriage. Sexual intimacy belongs within the scope of married life.

In our day, everything is so strongly directed at the physical dimension of life. Sexuality is degraded to a mere physical act. Women are regarded as objects to fulfill one’s lusts. Biblical norms are totally disregarded and sexual intimacy before marriage is considered normal in many circles. Consequently, the pressure is great if young people would hold on to biblical standards.

If you take your engagement seriously, you will want to get to know one another better in every respect. This will include reading the Bible together, praying together and discussing what the service of the Lord actually means to you. An engagement ought to be a time of preparation for married life. In this way, a couple may become spiritually one. They will also come to know if they are compatible for each other. Two I’s need to become a unified We. It is therefore necessary that they get to know each other spiritually. Prayer, Bible reading, and spiritual discussions are essential. This is not always easy, yet most necessary. The Lord also wishes to be asked for these things.

Thought: It is better to get married than to be engaged too long.

Psalter 324: 2,3 (based on Psalm 119) Teach me to know Thy holy way And think upon my deeds; In grief I ask for promised grace According to my needs. Keep me from falsehood, let Thy law With me in grace abide; The way of faithfulness I choose, Thy precepts are my guide.


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