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Serving God and Man

“Serving God and man”

I know thy works, and charity, and service, and faith. —Revelation 2:19

Read Revelation 2:18-29

We like it when people compliment us. Sometimes it is good to hear that you are appreciated, but having God’s approval is most desirable. While no one on earth is without sin, and all are unwor-thy of praise, the Lord still gave a compliment to the congregation of Thyatira. Later He summarizes His objections, but He begins by commending them. He does not do this to elevate them but to show them that He admonishes them as His beloved children.

The works of this congregation could bear the searchlight of the sun; indeed they were to be commended. While they had commit-ted sin, in general they were commended for their deeds. Can your works bear the scrutiny of the Lord or are you still in-volved in sinful deeds? What about loving God and your neighbour? The congregation of Thyatira was commended for their love. Are you filled with self-love and egotism by which you elevate yourself and feel important or do you love and serve others?

There is no service so blessed and pleasing as God’s service. He is worthy of being served. Look around you. Everything you see comes from Him. And think about what He offers to you: eternal life, without money or price. Bow down before Him. Serve the Lord with thanksgiving.

What does your Christian service to God and your fellow man look like?


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