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Saving Noah’s Family

The Saving of Noah’s Family

But with thee will I establish my covenant; and thou shalt come into the ark, thou, and thy sons, and thy wife, and thy sons’ wives with thee. Genesis 6:18

Read Genesis 6:18-7:7

When we read the history of Noah as it is revealed in Genesis and in Hebrews, we see that the building of the ark was not the last significant event in Noah’s family. Most of the world’s population, including many of Noah’s relatives, did not find safety in the ark. And later on in history it becomes apparent that some of his family members who were spared were not righteous or God fearing. Did the example of this father, Noah, leave such an impression upon his wife, his sons and his daughters-in-law that they were convinced of his message? We don`t know. In any case, they went into the ark with Noah, and he was comforted that all his immediate family went in with him.

Noah’s strong witness against the deluge of evil during his day was a great blessing to his family at large, though it is clear that grace is not inherited. Nevertheless, the Lord’s work continues through the lineage of generations. What a privilege it is to have parents who guide their children in the fear of the Lord! How blessed when parents direct them to the Lord Jesus as the Ark of Safety in whom they can find protection when the storms of God’s judgment come.

If you have parents like this, are you thankful to the Lord for them, or are you envious of parents who are permissive?

Question: Are you convinced that there is a final judgment coming?

Psalter 50:1, 3 (based on Psalm 22) Come, ye that fear Jehovah, Ye saints, your voices raise; Come, stand in awe before Him, And sing His glorious praise. Ye lowly and afflicted Who on His word rely, Your heart shall live forever, The Lord will satisfy. Both high and low shall worship, Both strong and weak shall bend, A faithful Church shall serve Him, Till generations end. His praise shall be recounted To nations yet to be, The triumphs of His justice A newborn world shall see.


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