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Satanic Attacks

“Satanic attacks”

Blessed be the name of the LORD. —Job 1:21

Read Job 1:13-22

Satan departed from the presence of the Lord, to go about per-forming his works of darkness. He did not wait long or begin gently, but attacked Job’s possessions and family so fiercely that four messengers appeared before Job, all saying, “I only am escaped alone to tell thee.” We see here how soon happiness and joy can turn into sorrow and mourning, also in our own lives.

The means used by the devil were the Sabeans (where the Queen of Sheba would come from), the Chaldeans, fire from heaven, and a tornado from the desert. And so, in one inexplicably devilish day, Job lost everything except his wife and four servants. How should he respond? How should any of us respond in that situation? The fact is that all of us will eventually leave the world exactly as we entered it: with nothing. Everything that takes place between birth and death is only due to the free gift of God. What the Lord gives is His, and what He takes is His as well. Praise the name of the Lord!

We can only praise the Lord by faith. Job believed that every event of his life was sent by a caring, heavenly Father who watched over him with a shepherd’s care. This Father, who makes no mistakes, would not let one hair fall from Job’s head without His will.

What can we conclude from Job’s confession?


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