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Satan’s Tempting People to Sin

 Why and how does Satan tempt people to sin?

Suggested Daily Reading: Genesis 3:1-7

After being defeated and punished by God for their sinful, rebellious actions, Satan and his fallen angels are full of hatred against God.  Knowing that they can never defeat Almighty God, they attack the crown of His creation — mankind.  Man was created in the image of God.  For example, this is like someone who hates a leader of a country so much that if he sees his picture anywhere, he rips it up or defaces it in some way.  it is like someone who hates another so much that she destroys everything that belonged to that person that she finds.  By tempting Adam and Eve, Satan planned to attack God by damaging the masterpiece of His creation, the creature that most wonderfully reflected the attributes of God and in doing so he would deface and harm all creation (God’s work) and add to the number of his followers, forming a greater army to fight against God’s rule.

How does Satan tempt people to sin?    Devils still use the same techniques they did back in the beginning.  We can learn about their strategies from meditating on Genesis 3. Satan and his fallen angels, the devils, now have more than 6,000 years of experience at tempting people to sin (to rebel as they did) against the God of the universe.  We need to be aware of Satan’s devices.

The devil often:

  1. Starts by questioning God’s command (see Gen. 3:1)

  2. Places God’s command(s) in a negative light (Gen. 3:1) To ask “did God say that you can’t eat from all the trees of the garden?” is more negative-sounding than to truthfully ask “did God say that you can eat from all the trees of the garden except one?”

  3. Slanders God’s character and motive (Gen. 3:5). Satan places God and His law in negative perspective, giving a false idea that God wants to keep you from that which would be good and fun.  In this case, he falsely claims that God does not want Adam and Eve to eat to prevent them from becoming gods themselves.

  4. Entices us with proud thoughts (Gen. 3:5). Do what you want; you can be a god to yourself, and decide for yourself what is right or wrong.  You do not need to listen to others, even to God; decide for yourself!

  5. Makes sin appear attractive and pleasurable (Gen 3:6).

Satan and his followers still use these strategies today.  Therefore put on the spiritual armour of God (Eph. 6:11-18) and do not fall into sin because you are ignorant of the devils’ tricks (II Cor. 2:11).

How do you see Satan deceiving our western countries and pulling us deeper and deeper into sin using these five techniques?  In your own life, have you experienced the devil using these same five strategies?  Can you think of an example?  What is the best way to fight against Satan’s temptations?  How did Jesus do so? (Matt. 4:1-11).


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