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Results of Believing in God’s Providence

 Why should I believe in God’s providence?

Suggested Daily Reading: Romans 5:1-9

Why believe in God’s providence?  Would it not be better to simply teach people to pray and work?

No, we need to learn about God’s providence because God has revealed this truth to us in His Word.  Believing in God’s providence also provides three rich benefits for daily living, which are:

  1. Patience in adversity

  2. Thankfulness in prosperity

  3. Trust when considering the future

By nature, we are impatient and rebellious — especially when we experience adversity or hardships.  We become upset when things do not go as we want or expect.  But when Christians, blessed by God’s Spirit, actively believe that hardships are also in God’s providence, and trust that all things will work together for spiritual good, and understand that while they may not comprehend at this time why certain events are happening, they will understand later. When Christians embrace these truths and hold onto God and His providential promises, they benefit greatly in times of adversity.

By nature, when things go well, we become proud.  We can so easily think that we are better than others.  We can quickly become arrogant and look down on others who are not as blessed as we are.  But when Christians understand that everything they have is a gracious gift from God, including their health, abilities, strength, wisdom, opportunities, etc. then they will remain humble and thankful.  If everything I have is simply a gift from God, why should I become boastful, as if I earned these things?

By nature, we can also worry about the future.  So much that is unknown and fearful might happen.  Much can occur that we have no control over.  But when Christians, blessed by the Holy Spirit, focus on the truth that all is in God’s providence and nothing will happen that is outside of His fatherly care, then they can remain calm and trusting.

Reflect again on these three precious jewels.  What precious results are produced from believing in God’s providence!

Why is an active Christian life much richer than a life without God?  What differences can be seen between the two when dealing with adversity, experiencing prosperity or thinking about the future?


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