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Respect for Authority

“Respect for authority

For he is the minister of God. —Romans 13:4

Read Romans 13:1-7

Having someone rule over us is normally a difficult thing, a problem that has existed from the beginning of time. Already in Paradise, man wanted to be like God rather than remain subordinate to Him, but more than that, he wished to be God. This sin lies within all of us.

And yet it is such a blessing when the Lord gives people, having particular gifts, authority over others. Imagine how society would function if this was not so; it would be complete chaos. Nothing would be certain, and we would be in constant fear for our lives.Authority is needed to regulate society. The whole concept of authority begins at birth, when parents commence bringing up their children. Authority is also needed at school. The fifth commandment teaches us that authority is an ordinance of God, and there-fore we must obey all types of God-given authority. But is this also true when we are asked to do something that harms us? Not at all. We must always obey God above all else. That is beyond question. However, this particular issue is not the central issue in the fifth commandment. The most important thing is that you accept authority from your superiors, realizing that they have been given their positions from the Lord. You must respect the Lord in this, for He knows what is best for you! Even when those in authority make mistakes, they were still given their position by God.

How do you understand authority?


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