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Prince of Peace

“Prince of Peace”

On earth peace. —Luke 2:14

Read Ephesians 2:11-22

Much misery is brought into the world through wars, and much effort is being used to try to bring about peace. It is good to seek earthly peace, but are we just as busy seeking peace with God? The angels announced peace on earth to a world lost in sin. Peace is declared to a people who have forsaken God. Mankind can never bring this peace about. This work belongs entirely to God. God the Father sent His Son into the world, and the Son came to bring peace.

Furthermore, we read in verse 14, “On earth peace, good will to-ward men.” The Lord will give peace to the hearts of the people in whom God delights. In Psalm 89 God reveals peace to those whom He chooses of His eternal good pleasure. How great is the love of God! He chooses sinners and gives them peace that His name might be honoured. This is a peace that the world knows nothing of. This peace cannot be pushed aside or ignored. This peace is a heavenly peace which shall never end.

Do you know this peace? Are you hoping for and expecting the Prince of Peace and His kingdom?

What does real peace entail?


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